Or better off mind painkillers, for my terrible state of spirit… Damn you! You’re incapable of any form of empathy, you’re as cold as the heart of Antarctica, you ARE JUST A FAKER, soaking in selfishness, living with nothing but sick desires and self worshipping. You are trying to fly by lifting yourself up with your own hand, ONLY MANAGING TO TEAR YOUR HAIR OFF!, Look at your head! Almost hairless… And you keep doing it, becoming a bald woman with an huge ego and a small heart. Destroying all that is beautiful in you, you destroy the ones who love you. So be it, BE PROUD OF YOURSELF!But don’t fool yourself, you’re not all that special, you’re sick and sometimes just plain stupid. (A lot of examples in that direction, I’ll point them out for you when the booze wears off from your head).


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  1. Cristia on

    “The men who love you, you hate them most
    They pass right through you like a ghost
    They look for you but your spirit is in the air
    Baby, you’re nowhere…” U2 – versuri adresate unei femei care nu stie sa simta si nici sa recunoasca oamenii cu adevarat pretiosi…

  2. alina satmari on

    pt ca azi mi-am dus copilul la gradi in parca cea mai galbena dintre toamne, iti spun si tie ce-am aflat aseara, tarziu: „tot ce imi e dat sa stiu, trebuie sa invat de unul singur” (raport catre el greco-kazantzakis)

    de bine

  3. Cristia on

    Alo, Golby, nu mai scriem ? 🙂

  4. golby on

    Mai scriem, mai scriem, am luat o pauză doar:)

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