Who can stand the night of refusal? The night of rejection, the night of pitty, the night of disappointment? A night that started in blossom, and continued in the yellowing leaves that my senses had become… Her words – the axe that cut off the emerging and helpless shoots of feelings inside both of us, dare I say…

The truth is… no one is asked to stand any of these moments, feelings, emotions. One could ask what is the point of their existence, they come and go. Do they enrich us? I don’t know… Right now I know that they push over my shoulders like the heaviest burden ever conceived. This unfriendly lump in my stomach… In my stomach! My stomach doesn’t feel pain, but it feels burdened in some way, my stomach, of all the parts of my body, this one has been chosen to react to my sorrow in this strange and particular manner…

One shall experience grief every once in a while… it’s human nature.


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